How to Stun Enemies in Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero Billy Kid
Image via HoYoverse

Much of Zenless Zone Zero focuses on real-time combat against powerful enemies using your party of heroes. To excel in the game’s combat mechanics, you must learn how to optimize your party, perfect dodge, and stun enemies in Zenless Zone Zero. Here’s how it’s done!

How to Stun Your Enemies in Zenless Zone Zero

If you want to ensure you come out on top in each combat encounter in Zenless Zone Zero, then you need to stun and daze your enemy. You can stun enemies in the game by repeatedly attacking them with a Basic Attack, which automatically fills up the Daze Gauge.

Once the bar fills, the enemy becomes stunned, after which you may follow up with a Heavy Attack, such as a Special Attack or EX Special Attack, which initiates a Chain Attack.

Now, a Chain Attack allows you to swap between your party members to deal combo attacks and critical damage against the game’s most formidable enemies.

How to Perfect Dodge Enemies in Zenless Zone Zero

In between slamming your opponent with repeated attacks, they’ll occasionally take a swing in your direction. Every enemy has a tell, however. You’ll note a yellow flash similar to a scope reticule over the enemy. When this flash occurs, hit the dodge button. If you time it correctly, you’ll land a Perfect Dodge, which allows you to pull off a Dodge Counter.

To complete a Dodge Counter, assuming you pulled off a Perfect Dodge, immediately follow up the latter with a Basic Attack. A Dodge Counter counts as a Heavy Attack, dealing additional damage and applying status debuff effects.

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