Does Zenless Zone Zero Offer Controller Support? – Answered

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I completely understand the desire to lazily slouch in your computer chair with a comfortable controller in hand instead of hunched over a mouse and keyboard. Some games just feel better with a controller, even on PC. So, does Zenless Zone Zero offer controller support? Let’s find out!

Can You Play Zenless Zone Zero With a Controller?

You absolutely can, and perhaps should, play Zenless Zone Zero with a controller. It offers full controller support for both Xbox and PlayStation peripherals, thanks to its simultaneous launch on PC and PlayStation 5.

To use a controller in Zenless Zone Zero, ensure you have one connected to your PC before launching the game. ZZZ should automatically pick up on the input and swap controls automatically for you. But if you want to tweak the controller layout, you can find everything under the game’s settings. Hit “ESC” on your keyboard, then navigate to “Options” and “Input.”

Zenless Zone Zero Controller Controls

  • Interact: A
  • Basic Attack: X
  • Special Attack: Y
  • Dodge: A
  • Ultimate: RT
  • Previous Character: LB
  • Next Character: RB
  • Chain Attack – Left: LB
  • Chain Attack – Right: RB
  • LockOn: RB
  • Run: A
  • InterKnot: Y
  • Messages: RT
  • Travel: RB

Is Zenless Zone Zero Better With a Controller?

I would argue that Zenless Zone Zero is profoundly better with a controller. The action combat feels more fluid and responsive with an Xbox Series X|S controller in my hand than it did when I was using the mouse and keyboard. To repeatedly click to slash enemies felt bland, honestly.

But with a controller, it’s like you’re more in control of your character and their movements instead of just a third-party taking the reigns.

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