Is Zenless Zone Zero Mobile Only? – Answered

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The rise in popularity of gacha-style games, following the immense success of Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, led to additional titles from the same studio and many similar developers. But the former continues taking the world by storm, now with Zenless Zone Zero. But there’s a bit of confusion surrounding the release. Is Zenless Zone Zero mobile only?

What Can I Play Zenless Zone Zero On?

Thankfully, the answer to whether Zenless Zone Zero is mobile-only is a resounding “No.” You can play ZZZ on multiple systems, including PC, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS. It’s free to play, though there are numerous microtransactions and in-game currencies to purchase with real-world money.

Is Zenless Zone Zero on Console?

Currently, the only console that supports Zenless Zone Zero is PlayStation 5. It’s unlikely miHoYo will backport the free-to-play gacha game to last-gen systems. Furthermore, none of their previous titles launched on Xbox Series X|S. We don’t expect this one to, either!

Is Zenless Zone Zero Free on PS5?

Yes! If you visit the PlayStation Store and search for “Zenless Zone Zero,” you’ll find the recent release completely free to download and play. There are no strings attached; add the game to your account, then wait for the rather large download size of around 60GB to finish before hopping in-game!

Will Zenless Zone Zero Be On Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, it’s improbable that Zenless Zone Zero will launch on Nintendo Switch. While the studio unveiled Genshin Impact for Nintendo Switch, it never came about. They went quiet following its announcement, and many still wait impatiently for the handheld’s chance to play.

It’s likely Zenless Zone Zero won’t even receive an empty announcement for a Nintendo Switch port.

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