Every Horror Game Coming From Blumhouse Games

In what is definitely a welcome surprise, Blumhouse, best known for its indie horror films, will enter the video game industry with not one but a handful of upcoming horror games. Here is every horror game coming from Blumhouse Games in the near future!

All of Blumhouse Horror’s Upcoming Games

In total, Blumhouse Games revealed six upcoming horror titles, hitting PC, consoles, and mobile sometime this year and next.

They revealed:

Sleep Awake

Sleep Awake appears to be a psychological horror/walking simulator, though it’s too early to tell for sure. You appear to take on the role of a young woman whose mind betrays her following a bout of sleeplessness.

Fear the Spotlight

A retro-style third-person horror game reminiscent of old-school survival horror entries like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. You play a young woman navigating dark environments full of puzzles and enemies.

Crisol Theater of Idols

Crisol Theater of Idols appears to be a first-person horror experience with shooter elements. In it, you’ll face off against horrific dolls and animatronic-like beings. It’s certainly more action-oriented than the other reveals but no less terrifying.

The Simulation

The Simulation looks like another psychological horror, but this time you play a man entering a virtual reality or augmented reality world to uncover mysteries and avoid various terrors along the way. It’s spooky and strange, but perhaps not the scariest title revealed today.

Grave Seasons

In what we can only describe as a mixture of pixel farming simulators with their flesh torn apart to reveal nothing but terror beneath the surface, Grave Seasons appears unique and compelling. It’s certainly not an art style for everyone, but you can bet it’ll set itself apart from the crowd!

Project C

Project C is the most mysterious of them all. We know very little about it besides the names behind the scares, namely, Sam Barlow and Brandon Cronenberg.

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