Black Ops 6 Day One Game Pass Will be Announced Today

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Earlier today, people woke up to a new notification from Xbox that Black Ops 6 will be coming to Xbox Game Pass Day One.

The message read, “Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 is coming to Game Pass on day one later this year!” Which diverted people to this link on Xbox Wire. As pointed out by the URL, the announcement is expected to be made today, May 28th, 2024.

Later today, Black Ops 6 will reveal its live-action trailer for Black Ops 6, which will presumably coincide with the announcement of Day One Game Pass.

Following the rumours on Black Ops 6 going to Game Pass last week, new rumours began to emerge that the move will result in changing to Game Pass tiers, which could imply increases are soon on their way. Currently, there’s Xbox Game Pass Core for console that replaced Xbox Live Gold for $9.99/month, Game Pass PC for $9.99/month, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that covers both console and PC for $16.99/month.

Insider Gaming understands that Call of Duty Black Ops 6 is expected to launch on October 25, 2024. The game will be fully revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9th, 2024. Immediately after, it will be given an exclusive Black Ops 6 direct, during which the developers are expected to discuss some of the game’s features and story in more depth.

What do you think of Black Ops 6 coming to Game Pass Day One? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Awesome news! It will make gamepass more worth having and give xbox more strenght when ps5 players have to pay for cod!

  2. I think it is a great move. Call of Duty being on Game Pass will definitely drive positive conversation surrounding the value and benefit of Game Pass to a broader audience of gamers. They can also justify a slight increase to GamePass tiers ($1-$2) that helps promote with margins, and a larger pool to sign third-party deals.

  3. It’s about time Xbox gets a call of duty exclusive that PlayStation doesn’t get

  4. Did we even get call of duty black ops V loll,. I’m also guessing black ops VI didn’t get announced either,. I haven’t seen anything yet,.

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