Silent Hill Transmission Showcase Planned for May 30

silent hill

Konami has announced ‘Silent Hill Transmission’, a showcase planned for May 30 at 4 PM PDT (1 AM CEST on May 31). The company has confirmed that it’ll share ‘game updates, a deeper look at the film, and new merch.’ Fans instantly took to social media platforms to share their predictions for the event, with the most common theme being that we’ll get an in-depth look at the Silent Hill 2 remake.

Revealing Transmission

Several Silent Hill projects are in the works, and we can expect any number of them to be revealed or expanded on during this showcase. For instance, the Silent Hill 2 remake will likely get a) a longer gameplay trailer, and b) a release date – or better window. There’s also Return to Silent Hill, Silent Hill Townfall, and Silent Hill f – any of these titles could be touched upon during the Silent Hill Transmission showcase.

Some fans are expecting the reveal of a grand collector’s edition of the Silent Hill 2 remake, but there hasn’t been any news on that topic thus far. With Konami teasing an update regarding merchandise, that’s certainly possible – but elsewhere, we could probably expect some kind of statue or figure-based offering. There are more than enough terrifying, iconic characters from the Silent Hill universe to keep fans guessing until the reveal takes place on May 30.

We’ll have all the latest news from the Silent Hill Transmission showcase as soon as it drops – stay tuned.

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