Microsoft To Make Changes To Xbox Game Pass Tiers Because Of Call Of Duty, It’s Claimed

Call of Duty Xbox Game Pass Tiers

With the reports circulating that Microsoft is set to put Call of Duty Black Ops 6 onto Xbox Game Pass at launch, the company appears to ready to make changes to the services tiers as well. According to multiple insiders, Xbox Game Pass is set to receive changes to its tiers due to the addition of Call of Duty.

“We can assure you that changes are coming to the Xbox Game Pass Tiers mainly due to Call Of Duty,” Insider eXtas1stv posted on Twitter. “There are still things to confirm, but I hope to report back soon.”

This was then followed up by Shinobi602 on Reset Era saying, “There will be changes, yes”.

Whether that means price changes or simply adding another premium tier remains to be seen. But it seems clear that more changes are in store for Xbox Game Pass. Currently, the service has three total plans. There’s Xbox Game Pass Core for console that replaced Xbox Live Gold for $9.99/month, Game Pass PC for $9.99/month, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that covers both console and PC for $16.99/month.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Microsoft for comment on these reports. Should a response be received, this story will be updated accordingly.

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  1. They need to buy more things. They should buy EA and Take 2 next. A basic tier at $15 or $20, a deluxe tier with Pass and online for maybe $30 and offer COD through it offer some free DLC too through higher tiers, a $40 sports tier for the annual sports games, then like a $60 tier for everything throw in bonuses for Rockstar online games and Apex. If they had more to offer the price increase would be justifiable. Another thing is obviously having cloud gaming in a better place for gaming anywhere that’s something they really need to focus on where people can play AAA games and online games at better or the best quality anywhere on any smart device phone, tablet, computer, smart TV, etc.

    1. Yeah with all that money having better experience is needed and if they want result Strauss would be a better CEO than Phil.

    2. That’s a good idea they need to have more stuff that incentivizes people paying for Game Pass instead of buying the annual sports title is better than what they offer now.

  2. I would gladly pay 60 or 70 for GP if the games were actually good and releasing day 1. If all big AAA titles or most were on GP alongside online that’s a great deal but instead it’s mostly slop occasionally something good is there but otherwise it’s the same stuff. It’s cool knowing titles will be there and I can play whenever but I need the next GTA, COD, 2K, UFC, and if Game Pass did what Netflix and other streamers did which is make miracles happen I would be there too. Like making a game people have waited years for like a Def Jam 4, GTA remakes, Sleeping Dogs 2, Dead Or Alive with Itagaki, Shenmue 4, SSX 4, THUG remake, Dino Crisis remake, Otogi 3, Otogi remake, Crash 4 done right, Prototype remake, a Batman Beyond AAA game, True Crime NYC 2, KOTOR 3, Force Unleashed 3, 1313, Gears Of War with Cliff back, Sakaguchi back with AAA titles, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a Arc System crossover anime fighter or Cyber Connect 2 arena fighter with all the Shonen Jump characters, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 remade, Sonic Adventure 3, Sonic Riders, Blur, Midnight Club 3 remake, The Simpsons Hit & Run remake, Dead Space 2 remake, Dante’s Inferno remake, Skate 4, Mirrors Edge 2, Fallout New Vegas remake, New Vegas 2, Titanfall 3, Power Stone 3, Splinter Cell remake ignoring Blacklist, Prince Of Persia done like Uncharted, a proper Beyond Good & Evil 2 not a prequel, Superman AAA game, Deus Ex with Warren Spector back, Mortal Kombat with John Tobias back, Playtonic making the Rare games, remakes of the Rare stuff, Mech Assault 3, Crimson Skies as a third person action aerial combat game, things like that. Probably a ton I forgot. Microsoft is just so out of touch.

  3. They need more than that to boost Game Pass. Get Game Pass on handheld devices/hybrid PC’s and partner with those companies to make those devices more mainstream with emphasis that the best deal in gaming is on this device. The other thing could be Game Pass on PS5.

  4. I kind of think that COD should just do what ea does. Wait until the game has been out for 6 months then throw it onto gamepass. That way you get the entire first 6 months are all profit. If it’s the COD we all know it’s userbase are going to start going down after 3 months anyway.

  5. Do not care if they raise it for call of duty as long as my ultimate sub stays same price as I have not played Call of Duty for years and do not care to play it now🤷🤷

  6. LoL
    You guys are crazy
    60-70 $ sub?
    I guess I’ll be done with gaming. If gamepass goes to 20 I’m out. Can’t afford it anymore. You must live at home with mommy and daddy. Us working folks have bigger bills to pay and more people to feed. A new tier with call of duty and the other garbage you mentioned you can have. I’ll just stick to my basic ultimate so my kids have something to play. If not I’ll just go back to buying a game every year or so 🤷‍♂️

    1. Very true. All this other retards paying 60 or 70 have got to be just absolute tossers who will pay anything for crap. Absolute madness.

  7. I can only imagine how bad the wait times will be when they release COD. It took forever when starfield released.

  8. Increasing gamepass prices will kill the service.
    Microsoft betting big on call of duty hence the acquisition.. thing is they only have 25 million gp subs and xbox is not selling well either, about 800k consoles sold this year so far vs ps5s 5 Million. Gp its not growing so why increase the price? I switched to ps5 after seeing how ms made so many mistakes.. no regrets. Be honest besides hi fi rush, when was the last time you were excited for an xbox first party game? Cod will not save xbox. Thier management of the brand is tarnished!

    70 quid for gp?? Madness

  9. In South Africa GP Ulitmate started at 149zar initially, then MS dropped the price here to 109zar and then it went up again to 129zar which is the current monthly fee. Apparently the severe price drop was due to the weak SA Rand. So Iguess we’re due for an increase agian, especially after 4yrs.

  10. Just don’t put it on GamePass and make people pay for the game if they want it. To make a new tier list because of one game is utterly ridiculous.

    This is why Sony is winning. Dumb choices.

  11. I believe the main thing going forward will be future AAA games only that will be on this higher tier. What I hope won’t be the case is that day one play will be locked behind that tier also. I wouldn’t put it past them to devalue the cheaper tiers to just push everyone into the higher tier.

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