Bethesda Confirms New Starfield Updates And Fixes

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Bethesda Game Studios has confirmed some of the upcoming features and updates fans should expect, in an official reply to the recent 1.8.88 patch notes.

They state that an update is due “early next year” that will address in-progress quest issues. To resolve them, the developers created an entirely new system to avoid rolling back saves.

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Further, Bethesda delved into future updates for Starfield. The team is actively working to introduce city maps, mod support, and “new ways of traveling”.

This last statement is pretty vague, and implies that multiple new vehicles could be added soon. Fans are already speculating on potential new ships, mecha options, and more.

Bethesda adds that fans should “stay tuned” about the travel update. So, more information is likely coming soon, and the travel options may arrive before city maps or mod support.

Starfield’s mod support is currently planned for 2024, and doesn’t have a concrete release date yet.

Official mod support should go a long way for replay value. It would also be wise for Bethesda to earn more goodwill from the community by rewarding their creativity.

This would borrow from Skyrim, which the community has consistently fueled over the years. Bethesda also launched the Creation platform into Skyrim just last week.

Fortunately, adding new features won’t get in the way of bug fixes. Players have been requesting a vast range of technical fixes.

Now, Bethesda plans to roll out more consistent fixes and updates for Starfield “roughly every six weeks”. This includes hotfixes in-between, if they “feel it’s safe”.

Starfield has faced a lot of crucial bugs, some of which have troubled players since launch. So, hopefully Bethesda will prioritize larger hiccups before adding too many new features.

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