Battlestate Games Banned on Twitch During Drops Campaign

battlestate banned

Battlestate Games, the famed Russian developer behind Escape From Tarkov, has been banned from Twitch in the middle of a drops campaign. This news came just days after the ‘wipe’ that effectively reset Escape From Tarkov’s platform and introduced an all-new update, which is a cause for celebration and a periodic event.

However, while pushing out a massive drops campaign that has seen Escape From Tarkov break viewership records on the platform, Battlestate Games has been handed an untimely ban. There has been no express recognition as to why the developer was banned, but there are theories floating around.

Why Was Battlestate Banned on Twitch?

This is all you’ll see if you try to access Battlestate’s banned profile.

During one of the most recent streams, which have been happening daily with special events being hosted to celebrate the wipe, some mischievous behaviour took place. On the stream, Battlestate developers were reportedly wielding replica weapons and pointing them at one another, which could have violated Twitch’s anti-violence policies.

Furthermore, it was reported that one developer (at least) was visibly drunk on the stream, no doubt celebrating the record-high viewership that the six-year-old game was experiencing. However, that too violates Twitch’s ‘Community Guidelines’, and it could also explain why the developer picked up a very ill-timed ban.

To usher in the new ‘season’ of Escape From Tarkov, there’s a drops campaign that runs until the 7th of January. It essentially demands that players watch popular Tarkov streamers, and in return, they can secure in-game loot free of charge. While this campaign will continue, it does throw a spanner in the works where Battlestate’s celebratory events were planned.

All this came just days after Battlestate Games released images uncovering the all-new Tarkov ARENA. It was an exciting time for the firm until the ban arrived.

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  1. They’re also Russian and openly support Putin. That’s enough reason on it’s own to ban them , and frankly they already should have been. Add all the other stuff in, it makes sense why they were banned. They’re just not good people. Openly supporting genocide aint it. F*k Battlestate games. Slava Ukraini

  2. I find it messed up that child predators are ignored on twitch. You can abuse animals on live stream. Only get a 7 day ban for having sex on stream showing a condom covered penis,but you get a 2 week(the previous ban bsg got) to most likely a month ban this time for cosplaying the game tens of thousands are playing on twitch everyday.

  3. It is not now, nor has it ever been prohibited to be drunk while streaming on twitch. Many popular streamers have been drunk while streaming. As long as you don’t behave hurtful or harmful to yourself or others you’re fine (and you’re of legal drinking age in your country) Please change that in your article. As “Insider Gaming” you should be aware of this ? but otherwise it’s a great article.

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