Tarkov Wipe Confirmed, 0.13 Patch Notes Revealed in Full

escape from tarkov wipe 0.13

Escape from Tarkov’s 0.13 patch is locked in and ready to go, with Battlestate Games taking the game offline from 06:30 am GMT today for at least a six-hour window. As fans of the franchise are well aware, the wipe usually takes longer to deploy, so that six-hour window will almost certainly be extended.

Regardless, this finally means that wipe is here, after a couple of weeks of intense, PvP-focused events, and the full list of patch notes has been delivered, as per expectations. There are a lot of changes, additions, and adjustments being made in the 0.13 patch that’ll change the face of Tarkov quite considerably.

Wipe Is Here

In Tarkov, ‘wipe’ is a server reset – it’s when all players get slammed back down to level one, they have their inventory – or ‘stash’ – reset, and everyone loses every ounce of progression they’ve made up to that point. It’s a balancing mechanic that puts everyone on an even keel – even for a short period of time.

The last wipe was in June 2022, and they’re typically seen once every six months or so. This wipe arrives almost six months to the day, and it’s one of the most highly anticipated wipes in the history of the game. There’s no big secret surrounding the fact that nothing substantial has changed in Escape from Tarkov for over a year, and fans are hungry for more content.

Boy, do they have it with the 0.13 patch.

To The Notes

The 0.13 patch notes are very revealing, detailing in full what’s coming with the wipe and the deployment of an all-new, exciting content package. Here’s a snapshot breakdown of the most important content being delivered:c

  • Streets of Tarkov arrives, complete with several key points of interest: Pinewood hotel, News Agency building, Car Dealership, Sparzha Supermarket, Terracot Business Center, Cinema, and many more.
  • Weapons, armour, and plate carriers can now receive special enhancements, and new Light and Heavy armour skills have been applied.
  • New weapons added: UBGL (AK and AR-15 variants), SR-2M 9×21 SMG, Steyr AUG A1 and A3, Glock 19X, RSH-12 revolver, and all-new equipment.
  • Expansions made to co-op mode: bots, weather, time of day, survival settings, spawn point selection, and so on.
  • Hideout changes: all-new updates to the shooting range.
  • New stimulants added: Obdolbos 2, SJ12, Perfotoran, Trimadol, PNB.
  • Updated voicelines for bosses, including The Goons.
  • Huge list of changes, amendments, and fixes for bugs, audio and visual issues, mechanic-based problems, and quality-of-life improvements also deployed.

It’s a massive update, and fans are understandably quite excited. There hasn’t been a new map in Escape from Tarkov for more than a year, and Streets of Tarkov was first teased several years ago. It’s finally here, and once again, fans will have to start learning an entirely new map, including its exfils, infils, spawn points, loot spots, quest locations, and everything else that comes with a new environment.

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