Tarkov Arena Content Revealed by Battlestate Games

tarkov arena revealed

Months ago, Battlestate Games, the developer behind the intense extraction shooter, Escape from Tarkov, revealed an all-new game coming to the universe. This new platform, titled ‘Escape from Tarkov: ARENA’ is a standalone game mode that introduces a session-based competitive PvPvE to the oh-so-terrifying world of Tarkov.

It’s a classic multiplayer platform that will be totally separate from Escape from Tarkov’s core game, which has existed in at least some form since 2016. In Escape from Tarkov: ARENA, players have a separate levelling path, skillset, character, weapons, and different maps, modes, and features to explore.

Now, in a series of tantalising images posted to Twitter, Battlestate Games has blown the roof off the project…

Escape from Tarkov: ARENA Looks Phenomenal

Image Credit: @TarkovArena on Twitter

On Twitter, the Escape from Tarkov: ARENA page posted its first-ever tweets today, revealing the game that, at present, is being shown in its ‘Alpha’ state. It’s obviously utilising the same engine as Escape from Tarkov, as well as the same assets, but the fundamental platform itself is a totally new concept to the world of Tarkov.

In the images posted to Twitter, so much content was revealed that it basically blew the entire project wide open. We saw screenshots that revealed multiple new maps, uncovered the fact that there will be ranked and unranked modes, and suggested that there will be a career mode present within the Tarkov ARENA.

There was a mode selection screen that revealed a tournament section, a team deathmatch option, and a free-for-all-style game mode. At the most, players can enter the ARENA in teams of five, and it also seems that preset loadouts will be the norm, as is the case with most action-based multiplayer shooters.

Image Credit: @TarkovArena on Twitter

With spectator screens, a fusion of fast-paced but traditional gameplay, a new ranking system, and some kind of token or ‘coin system’ being present, it’s clear that ARENA certainly is poles apart from the base Escape from Tarkov platform.

At present, there’s no release date for Escape from Tarkov: ARENA, and it likely won’t be delivered until after 2023.

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