New AMD Ryzen CPUs and Prices Leak Ahead of CES Conference

amd ryzen cpu

At the CES 2023 Convention, due to be held in January, a series of all-new AMD Ryzen CPUs were set to be revealed in full. However, owing to a leak published by, the trio of CPUs has been uncovered prematurely, revealing specifications and price points for the hardware.

It was at the ‘Consumer Electronics Show’ that the CEO of AMD would have taken to the stage to reveal the all-new line-up of 7000-series Ryzen CPUs, but it seems as though everything that one would need to know about them is already available knowledge.

Powerful, Affordable

Reportedly, the new 7000-series of AMD Ryzen CPUs are more economical than their predecessors, but despite that fact, they’re still massively capable and not all that expensive. At the heart of this leak sat three AMD Ryzen CPUs, which was admittedly expected even before the leak hit the ground running.

Here’s the tech-focused breakdown of the new AMD Ryzen CPUs, complete with price points:

  • RYZEN 5 7600
    • 6-Core, 12-Thread, 5.1GHz, 38MB Cache, 65W TDP – $229
  • RYZEN 7 7700
    • 8-Core, 16-Thread, 5.3GHz, 40MB Cache, 65W TDP – $329
  • RYZEN 9 7900
    • 12-Core, 24-Thread, 5.4GHz, 76MB Cache, 65W TDP – $429

As per the leak from, it seems that this hardware will be made available for purchase from the 10th of January 2023. This ‘non-X’ series of CPUs is faster than comparable AMD harder by a considerable amount, despite having a much lower power draw.

It was explained by that the AMD 7900 will manage to be 19% faster (on average) when gaming than the Ryzen 8 5900X, for example. In testing, the 65W Ryzen 9 7900 had no issues pulling average frame rates of 603.6 in CSGO or 270.9 in Fortnite.

Regardless of this leak, the AMD Ryzen CPUs will still take centre stage at the CES Conference in January.

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