A Jak And Daxter Movie Is Planned At Sony – Rumor

Jak And Daxter Movie

It appears that Jak and Daxter are next in line to move from the world of video games to movies.

According to MyTimeToShineHello on Twitter, who’s been known for accurate leaks in the past, Sony has plans in motion for a live-action adaptation of the early 2000’s action-adventure series.

The movie, per MyTimeToShineHello, will be led by Ruben Fleischer. Fleischer is the same director behind the Venom films — though he only directed the first –, Uncharted, and Zombieland. As far as the stars of the movie are concerned, Sony is “eyeing” two Marvel stars to be front and center in the film as Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are the picks for the titular roles. Holland would play the role of Jak while Pratt would voice Daxter.

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With the success of The Last of Us on HBO Max, it’s no surprise that yet another Naughty Dog game is penned for the big screen. And despite the strikes overtaking Hollywood at the moment, it’s clear that companies are still moving forward and planning what future movies will be.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Sony for comment.

What do you think of a possible Jak and Daxter movie? For more Insider Gaming, check out the list of achievements to unlock in Starfield. But be warned, it does contain spoilers.

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