Xdefiant Closed Beta Kicks Off Next Week and There’s No NDA

Ubisoft has revealed that the Closed Beta for its upcoming free-to-play shooter Xdefiant will be available to players to try out the game and share footage as early as next week.

The news was revealed on the official Xdefiant Twitter account. An Xdefiant showcase is also set for April 13 and will serve as the first real deep dive into the game and allow viewers to spectate a full showcase match. Players will be able to get try out the game for themselves on the same day with the Closed Beta set to last until April 23rd.

Xdefiant has gone through a rigorous testing period internally at Ubisoft over the last year through its Insider Session program and the studio is clearly feeling confident in the game. Players are not required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to play Xdefiant’s Closed Beta, meaning they’ll be able to stream the game and share gameplay footage.

This is a stark contrast to Sega’s upcoming shooter HYENAS which has been subject to a number of leaks after asking players to sign an NDA during its testing period.

The Xdefiant Closed Beta is launching with a number of features and rewards that players can enjoy. An instant set of rewards is unlocked immediately in the Closed Beta which includes weapon and character skins that can be carried over to all future phases. Players can also try out an Alpha build of the game’s competitive ranked mode, encounter various factions -including Watch Dogs hacker group Dead Sec, and play across a number of maps.

The live stream will feature formidable esports who have made names for themselves in competitive shooters. Doug “Censor” Martin and retired Call of Duty player Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto are expected to face off in the showcase match. More details surrounding Xdefiants Closed Beta will be revealed closer to launch. You can register in advance at playxdefiant.com.

Are you excited to dive into Xdefiant?

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