20 Minutes of HYENAS Gameplay Leaks Online

Those Non-Disclosure Agreements really aren’t doing much to deter players from leaking HYENAS gameplay as footage from the game’s newest alpha test has appeared online.

The sci-fi shooter from Creative Assembly and Sega is currently undergoing its longest Alpha testing period to date and has invited players to try out the game from March 24 to April 4. The one caveat is that players must sign an NDA which prevents them from posting any gameplay of HYENAS online while the game is still in a testing period.

One user by the name of BaianoBR has disregarded the agreement and posted 20 minutes of gameplay to YouTube. The footage sees BaianoBR play through an entire match with two teammates and offers a glimpse at the range of weapons available and the Zero-G mechanic that allows players to take flight and seamlessly travel around the space station.

You can watch the gameplay here:

The footage is watermarked with a security code and BaianoBR’s YouTube account matches his username on the game so it’s only a matter of time until Sega takes the footage down. It’s highly likely though that the footage will make its way around regardless. HYENAS ran into a similar situation last year when the game launched its first Alpha test and was subject to an even more substantial leak which featured an hour of gameplay.

The Alpha for HYENAS is still ongoing and if players want to check it out they’ll be able to play as the newest addition to the roster Hero-Ki whose design is a parody of Sonic the Hedgehog. Hero-Ki sports a blue onesie with red sneakers and a blue helmet with quills. He uses camouflage as his special ability which allows him to sneak up on opponents.

HYENAS is still on track to release this year so it’s likely that we’ll see the game offer an Open Beta with potentially less stringent secrecy in the coming months.

Are you going to dive into HYENAS when it launches this year?