Exclusive – Hyenas Alpha Adds New PvE Mode Named ‘Plunder Raid’

Creative Assembly has revealed a new PvE mode named Plunder Raid during its recent alpha playtests of Hyenas.

Sources, who recently played the game as a part of its recent alpha playtest have said that the mode is similar to Escape From Tarkov’s offline Raid mode or Payday. “The objective is to get in [the map], loot merch, and get out”, said one player.

As expected, the mode contains plenty of different types of AI enemies including humanoid soldiers, drones, and large exo-suit-typed enemies, all of which have different attacks and different ways to be defeated.

One criticism from players is that currently the AI is not overly strong and can easily be defeated by your character’s abilities. “There’s a good foundation there though”, said one player.

Announced in June 2022, Hyenas makes for a compelling extraction-based shooter with its zero-G sections that will turn the gameplay on its head (quite literally).

Earlier in the year, Insider Gaming exclusively reported that Hyenas had “mixed responses” from playtesters on game. That sentiment still seems to be the case, but from the people we spoke with, this new mode seems to be better than the PvP alternative.

Hyenas is scheduled to launch later this year on the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC in 2023. Unfortunately, it seems like the game is not free-to-play though, with its website stating “Please keep an eye on our social channels for information on when HYENAS is available to pre-order. For now, please wishlist the game on your digital store of choice.”

Will you be playing Hyenas Plunder Raid when it releases?

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