Xbox Game Pass Is Up To 34 Million Subscribers

Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

For the first time in two years, Microsoft has given an official update on Xbox Game Pass subscribers, saying that the service has 34 million subscribers.

The 34 million is up from the 25 million the company last reported, a 36% increase. That said, the numbers aren’t where the company planned as it had the goals of reaching 100 million subscribers by 2030.

Overall, Xbox head Phil Spencer knows that not everyone is going to sign up for Xbox Game Pass. And, to him, that was never the goal for the company.

“Our goal is not to make everybody a game pass subscriber,” Spencer said in an interview with The Verge.. “I’ve said many times that maybe 10-15 percent of our content and services revenue is subscriber revenue. It’s a good business for us today, Game Pass, but in no way is there a plan that says ‘Okay, everybody needs to become a Game Pass subscriber.’”

The player count came via the Xbox Business Update podcast on Thursday from the company.

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