Xbox Game Pass Family & Friends Price And Details Revealed

Xbox’s upcoming Friends & Family Xbox Game Pass price has leaked online in New Zealand, outlining its details and price structure.

The leaked details first appeared from Twitter user @Jawmuncher, revealing that the Family & Friends Game Pass would set people back $39.95. However, it’s understood that this pricing is for New Zealand and conversion rates would put the pass at around $25, or £22.

No pricing on if the Game Pass can be purchased annually or not has yet been revealed.

According to the listing, the Xbox Game Pass Family & Freinds will give ultimate benefits to 5 friends and family members. These benefits include:

  • Include friends and family outside your household
  • Enjoy hundreds of games together including new releases on day one
  • Each account gets their own history, achievements, gamertag, and saves
  • Play at the same time on console, PC & cloud
  • With games added all the time, there’s always something new for everyone

No announcement has yet been made by Xbox, but because the information has already leaked on the New Zealand side, we could expect to see an announcement later today.

Since its launch, Microsoft had offered an introductory $1 a month rate for new subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Microsoft announced it was discontinuing this promotion in March 2023 and was looking for potential replacement options to draw in new subscribers

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