Is Xbox Actively Banning Third-Party Wireless Controllers?

xbox third-party wireless

In the last few days, some Xbox gamers have been taking to social circles the world over to discuss concerns with third-party wireless controllers. Put simply, they’re being banned from using them after a two-week window, which is expected behaviour, according to a support page dredged up from the Xbox Support site.

What is Error 0x82d60002?

If you’ve seen Error 0x82d60002 pop up on the screen while using a third-party wireless controller on an Xbox console, this is effectively what it means:

 One of the accessories you’re trying to connect was not manufactured by Microsoft or another licensed Xbox hardware partner.

From that moment on, you’ve got a two-week countdown that kicks in, after which point the device or accessory will be blocked from use with the console. Once that has happened, your error code will change to 0x82d60003, and your accessory will effectively become useless.

On Twitter, Brook Gaming, a manufacturer of gaming products and peripherals, shared a message stating that, as of now, several of its leading products will either be partially or completely impacted by this error.

There are claims that this change was introduced in an update made to the Xbox OS on October 16th.

Going forward, Xbox gamers should only use first-party or officially licensed products from the likes of:

  • Razer
  • Turtle Beach
  • Power-A
  • Thrustmaster
  • Victrix
  • PDP
  • HyperX

Will this apparent rule change impact your gaming habits?

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  1. It’s Most Likely To Stop Players From Using Modded Controllers That Allow You To Cheat In Games With Auto Aim And Such, In My Opinion Thats Good News.

  2. So you are telling me that SCUF controllers that are used by all the CoD content creators are about to be unusable on the new primary CoD platform?

    This will end well for Xbox.

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