Modern Warfare 3 Developer Teasing Something Big For Game’s Campaign

Modern Warfare 3 campaign

No Russian is one of the most infamous campaign missions in not only Call of Duty history but video game history as a whole. A mission where the player takes part in a mass shooting terrorist attack at a Russian airport, it’s been a topic of discussion for the better part of nearly 15 years.

It’s even caught the attention of Infinity Ward game designer Steve Holmes.

When posting on Twitter about a recent IGN story about the mission from the original Modern Warfare 2, Holmes spoke about making a terrorist mission “interactive”.

“I really enjoyed the IGN piece on @iambadmofo and “No Russian”,” Holmes said. “However at the end the author says ‘There is no ideal way in which to make a terrorist attack interactive’.

“Really? We’ll see.”

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 — the second MW3 — releasing November 10, it has many on social media wondering just what Holmes meant by his comments.

“WE WILL SEE WHAT? WHAT WILL WE SEE????” one user replied.

Another simply replied with multiple eyes emojis.

With such a tease like that, it has many excited about what the campaign is going to have in store for players. Luckily, the wait isn’t that long as early access for the Modern Warfare 3 campaign is set to launch on November 2.

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