Black Myth: Wukong Gets August 2024 Release Date

black myuth:wukong

Black Myth: Wukong, an in-development action RPG being created by Game Science, finally has a release date – it’s dropping on August 20, 2024. In an all-new trailer released at The Game Awards, we got an extended look at the story driving this game forward, which is based on an ancient Chinese novel – Journey to the West.

Wukong Looks Intense

In the fresh trailer that was released by Game Science, we got an incredible look at some of the new insane bosses and the open world featured in Wukong. It looks innovative and intriguing, and some of the more impressive enemies are positively mind-boggling.

Here’s the trailer:

In this Souls-like, players assume control of ‘The Destined One’, a monkey-like character with remarkable combat abilities. They’ll face off against countless enemies, some animalistic in nature and others grotesque and demonic.

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  1. Awesome I’m curious when the other Chinese games come out Where Winds Meet, Lost Souls Aside, Phantom Blade Zero, among others still want to know release of.

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