EA Sports WRC “Moments” Feature Explained

EA Sports WRC will be bringing a new feature on launch named Moments – here’s anything you need to know.

What Is WRC Moments?

WRC Moments is a new feature coming to EA Sports WRC which is somewhat similar to the Daily Challenges from DiRT Rally 2. Whilst the feature will be familiar to those who have played DiRT Rally 2, they are slightly different.

First of all, Moments are the most memorable moments from the 50-year history of WRC, with Codemasters being given permission to use all of WRC’s archived footage. Every day, a new Moment will be available and show the player the real-life (or in-game example) of a memorable moment that has happened in the 50-year history of the WRC. It’s then a challenge for the player to recreate that moment in EA Sports WRC.

If the player successfully completes the Moment, they are awarded a medal based on their performance.

Unlike in the DiRT series, these challenges will not disappear and can be completed at any time.

WRC Moments Example

One example of a WRC Moment is Tanak winning at the 2022 Rally Finland. The win is marked as a ‘Moment’ because it “marked a return to Hyundai’s previous impressive form and was a remarkable comeback by one of Hyundai’s lead drivers”, the game reads.

At this ‘Moment’, the player needs to complete three different challenges:

  • Be airborne for at least 30 seconds
  • Complete the event by taking no damage
  • Finish in 1st place

Overall, Moments are a great way to challenge yourself and compete against friends with daily challenges that make the game competitive and refreshing.

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