Update On EA Sports UFC 5 Arenas

EA Sports UFC 5 Arenas

When you load up EA Sports UFC 5 when it comes out in October, one of the first things you might do is see what arenas are in the game. While we don’t know every arena in the game yet, Insider Gaming has learned a little bit about what players can expect.

According to one source, UFC 5 will have many of the venues from UFC 4 including the UFC Apex and Kumite locations. As far as new fighting locations, there is a new outdoor venue as well as the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi.

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While the source did say that they were told “many” of the venues were coming back, they didn’t give information as to which specific ones are other than what’s mentioned above. It could be expected that locations like the MGM Grand Garden Arena and Madison Square Garden will return, but Insider Gaming hasn’t been able to confirm that information just yet.

EA Sports UFC 5 launches October 27 for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

What arenas do you hope to see in EA Sports UFC 5? For more Insider Gaming, check out our latest guides to help you on your Starfield journey.

  1. Bring Pride mode back that’s what they need to do! Find a way to include it already! You would think with a certain fighter being pre-order bonus and a M rating they could finally bring it back.

  2. Why can’t they announced Pride mode that’s what will sell the game! Add Pride or partner with Rizin for this game!

  3. Add Japan I hope they add one in Japan and you know what….Pride mode. The biggest thing that can sell this game is Pride I mean Fedor is in it that feels like a tease.

  4. For me to pay 70.00 I need Refs to pull you off or defend fighter that’s being the victim in a stop fight career mode I need real authentic weigh ins press conference multiple choice actions on how to respond to media and your opponent in cutscenes pretty much like the Real thing presentations need to be authentic take a page from undisputed 3

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