What is the Max Level in Helldivers 2? – Answered

We all love a bit of progression in gaming. It enables us to grind for hours without feeling like it’s wasted time, especially when we see tangible results from playing. With that in mind, what is the max level in Helldivers 2?

What is the Max Level in Helldivers 2?

Currently, the max level in Helldivers 2 is 50. It will take quite a bit of time to reach the max rank in the game, though I’ve personally encountered a small handful of max-level players in my time fighting Terminids and Automatons.

Once you hit level 20, the game opens up and begins providing you with better upgrades and rewards, so definitely grind to that point.

How Does Leveling Work in Helldivers 2

Each time you complete a mission in Helldivers 2, you earn XP. Even if you don’t extract, you’ll potentially earn a few hundred XP, which goes a long way.

However, the more objectives and side goals you complete while on a mission, the more XP you earn. That’s why so many recommend tackling the main objective and then roaming the map to destroy nests, unlock caches, and clear illegal broadcasts.

How to Level Quickly in Helldivers 2

Here are a handful of tips to help you level quickly in Helldivers 2:

  • Join a team to tackle objectives more efficiently.
  • Prioritize finding the samples in each mission, as they provide you with XP, too.
  • Slowly work your way up through the higher difficulties, where you’ll earn more XP for each completed mission.

While you level, sit with us in awe at just how many copies Helldivers 2 sold since its launch!