How Many Copies Did Helldivers 2 Sell? – Answered

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It’s astounding the immense success developer Arrowhead Game Studios enjoys currently following the release of Helldivers 2. They broke records on Steam, and that’s not even counting how much success they’re experiencing on PlayStation 5. But how many copies did Helldivers 2 sell exactly?

How Many Copies Has Helldivers 2 Sold?

An estimated figure places the number of Helldivers 2 copies sold at approximately 8 million since its launch on February 8, 2024.

Within the first week of launch, the third-person shooter sold over one million copies. It took them four days to achieve this feat.

How Well Did Helldivers 2 Sell?

With a price tag of $39.99, and using the 8 million copies sold as an estimate, we can determine that Helldivers 2 did exceptionally well. It brought in somewhere in the ballpark of $320,000,000.

Of course, some of that money goes to Steam as part of their standard store fee, and some will ship off to PlayStation for their work as a publisher. But overall, developer Arrowhead likely earned enough to fund development for the foreseeable future, plus the ability to start a second project in the meantime without external funding. It’s staggering!

How Many Players Are Playing Helldivers 2?

The game remains incredibly popular despite numerous issues plaguing the game’s social features and servers. As I write this, it’s almost 10:00 AM on a weekday, and Helldivers 2 has nearly 130,000 players.

The game’s 24-hour peak is just under 230,000 players, with its all-time peak sitting comfortably at around 460,000.

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