How to Destroy a Fuel Silo in Helldivers 2

We salute you if you’re one of the brave few fighting on the Automaton front! But you might find yourself tasked with sabotaging the enemy’s supply lines, which proves challenging. Here is how to destroy a fuel silo in Helldivers 2.

How to Destroy Fuel Siloes in Helldivers 2

You have a few options when it comes time to destroy a fuel silo in Helldivers 2. First and foremost, upon entering the objective area, you’ll receive access to a Hellbomb. It’s one of the most powerful devices capable of destroying buildings and bunkers in the game, and I cannot recommend using one enough.

Sure, you can topple a fuel silo with other munitions. Let’s say you drop a 500kg bomb instead, or perhaps a precision strike; those can work. But there’s nothing quite so satisfying as the ticking timebomb that is a Hellbomb before it detonates into a small mushroom cloud of democracy.

That said, whatever you do, don’t waste small-time Stratagems on the fuel silo. It won’t work. You’ll waste your time and likely put the whole team at risk of either ambush from the Automaton menace or kill everyone in the process of dropping munitions repeatedly in the hopes of something working.

Where to Find Fuel Siloes in Helldivers 2

You can only find the fuel silo missions in Helldivers 2 on the Automaton side of the galaxy map. They start to spawn early on, in the lower difficulties and don’t prove too challenging. But hey, it’s the Automatons. They love to ambush and drop in reinforcements, so even the easiest of objectives becomes a slog.

In any case, keep an eye out for a missing tasking you with interrupting supply lines. One of the objectives of usually a fuel silo, with two others tasking you with blowing up munitions depots.

The fuel silo itself is marked with a fuel icon. Easy enough!

To help you clear out the Automatons in and around the silo, we recommend dropping an Eagle Strafing Run as a starter!