Does Helldivers 2 Have Crossplay?

While you can undoubtedly play Helldivers 2 solo, to some extent, the game is designed with cooperation in mind. It’s just more fun overall to coordinate with other Helldivers. But it’s not always easy to find someone on your system. So, does Helldivers 2 have crossplay?

Does Helldivers 2 Support Crossplay?

Helldivers 2 supports crossplay between PC and PlayStation 5. At its peak on PC, Helldivers 2 brought in almost 500,000 players. On any given day, there’s usually just over 300,00. On PlayStation 5, it’s anyone’s guess, though. The folks at PlayStation don’t generally share player numbers. Suffice it to say, you shouldn’t have trouble finding anyone to play with, no matter which system they come from!

How to Play Helldivers 2 With Other Systems

You can play Helldivers 2 crossplay by navigating to the Social tab in the Options menu and then inviting anyone you want from your friend list! The crossplay feature is on by default for everyone, so you’ll likely wind up in a public game with players from both systems at some point.

If you’re the one playing on PlayStation 5, but your friend group plays on PC, you can visit the Social tab, where you can generate a Friend Code, an eight-digit number tied to your account. Then, your friend group would simply input this number in the Search box in the Social menu to find, add, and invite you to play.

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