How to Unlock and Use Eagle Strafing Run in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Eagle Strafing Run
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

Helldivers 2 is all about the big booms! When you call in a Stratagem to eliminate a Terminind position, it’s done with extreme prejudice. Seeing how a single bombing run can turn the tide of a battle, you likely want access to all the firepower imaginable. So, here’s how to unlock and use the Eagle Strafing Run in Helldivers 2!

How to Unlock the Eagle Strafing Run in Helldivers 2

To unlock the Eagle Strafing Run in Helldivers 2, visit the Ship Management console and then spend a whopping 1500 Requisition Slips. It’s quite the sum, but you should earn enough to unlock this powerful Stratagem after a handful of missions planetside.

Once you unlock the Stratagem, don’t forget to equip it whenever you select your loadout before dropping into a mission zone. It’s the icon with the airplane and a slew of bombs on either wing in two rows.

How to Use the Eagle Strafing Run in Helldivers 2

To use the Eagle Strafing Run in Helldivers 2, use the appropriate code: Up, Right, Right. Once you nail that, toss the Stratagem straight ahead, preferably directly onto an enemy — a nest or breach works! — and then stand back.

The Eagle Strafing Run doesn’t drop on a wide radius, but it is pretty powerful. If you’re too close to the bombing run, it will send you flying backward and likely take a good chunk of health away. That is if you manage to walk away at all!

You can improve the overall power of the Stratagem by investing Samples into Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit. This upgrade, purchasable from the Ship Management screen’s Modules section for 80 Common Samples, reduces the cooldown of Eagle Stratagems by 50%.

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