When is the Warzone Season 2 Mid-Season Update Release Date? – Answered

Call of Duty Warzone Team
Image via Activision

I know, I know! I’m eagerly awaiting the Warzone Season 2 release date, too. It’s right around the corner, and in no time, we’ll all be diving headfirst into the battle royale once more. So, where are you jumping?

What is the Warzone Season 2 Mid-Season Update Release Date?

You can dive into Warzone Season 2 anytime, but the massive mid-season update will be released on March 6th at 9 AM PT, available to play on all major platforms where the game is available.

Season 2 promises to be positively massive. We’ll see a lot of new content, with a 6v6 multiplayer map (Das Haus), Bounty and Juggermosh game modes, a new Call of Duty Zombies story mission, Dark Aether Rifts, Warlord, a mobile Point of Interest to track down, and Fortune’s Keep.

But that’s not the end of the goodies! Season 2 also brings new weapons, Aftermarket Parts, events, and challenges to tackle.

Overall, a lot of content should keep fans busy for a month or two, at the very least, until the next season’s hype train starts to roll into town!

How to Play Warzone in 2024

If you want to dive into Call of Duty Warzone, it’s never too late. You can download the game from Steam or Battle.net, whichever you prefer, and jump straight into the action. Warzone is free-to-play, though you should expect plenty of microtransactions.

Alternatively, if you play on a console, visit your system’s storefront and search for “Warzone.” It’ll pop up, and you can download and jump into a session. It’s a big download, though!

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