How to Use Tac Stance in MW3

Modern Warfare 3 Tac Stance
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

I love tac stance in MW3. Besides feeling like a super-cool operator, it’s pretty useful when clearing corridors or rooms in CQB. Here is how to use tactical stance in Modern Warfare 3!

How to Use Tac Stance in MW3

To use tac stance in MW3, aim down sights and press down on the D-Pad or V on a mouse and keyboard setup. Your character will then turn their weapon slightly to the side, aiming without a sight. It’s often the stance an operator would use when utilizing a side rail or canted sight for close-quarters combat encounters where the typical top-mounted sight, like an ACOG, would prove ineffective.

It’s an alternative to the usual iron sights or ADS in Call of Duty. You’ll enjoy increased turn speed and more precise aiming and firing than hip-firing, but not as much as true ADS. It’s a fantastic way to keep the pressure up on the enemy team and move swiftly through the environment while quickly picking targets.

Why Use The MW3 Tac Stance

In Modern Warfare 3, you’ll likely use the tac stance for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s more efficient when playing a fast-paced hardcore mode, especially one in close quarters. Secondly, numerous challenges in the game require you to obtain 30 kills in tac stance to unlock EXP, weapon skins, or boosters.

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