What is Strafing in MW3? – Answered

MW3 Zombies Strafing Kills
Image via Sledgehammer Games

While there’s plenty of disdain surrounding the launch of Modern Warfare 3, I must admit it has one of the best-feeling movement mechanics in the series. Everything feels fluid and responsive. One way to gain the upper hand against your opponents is strafing in Modern Warfare 3. It’s also a challenge to unlock unique rewards. Here’s everything you need to know about strafing in MW3, like how to get strafing kills!

What is Strafing in Modern Warfare 3?

Strafing in Modern Warfare 3 is moving from side to side while continuously firing your weapon toward your opponent. It’s a simple movement mechanic that makes it more difficult for the enemy to hit you, as you’re not running straight at them or sitting still, but moving in a way that keeps their reticule in motion, too.

It’s an excellent, simple-to-utilize tactic to help you score kills and remain alive during a match. You can use strafing while aiming down sights, which is slower and allows you to aim more effectively, or while hip-firing for quicker maneuvers.

How to Get Strafing Kills in MW3

It’s easy enough to acquire the occasional strafing kill in MW3 by moving laterally and aiming down the sights. If you want to become effective at strafe kills, however, you must tailor your loadout to the mechanic and practice.

First and foremost, I recommend bringing along Stalker Boots, which increase your strafe and ADS movement speed, but they won’t unlock until Level 54.

Secondly, bring along one of two weapons: a hard-hitting assault rifle or a fast-firing submachine gun. You want stopping power and/or high DPS. But do not bring a shotgun or sniper rifle unless you intend to challenge yourself. Neither works effectively for strafe kills in MW3.

The DG-58 LSW features a strafe kills challenge, so practice with that!

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