How to Fix the Travis Rilea Error in MW3

MW3 Multiplayer Character
Image via Sledgehammer Games

No one enjoys dealing with a game-breaking error in their spare time. It’s especially bothersome when it’s on your main game, a competitive multiplayer shooter like Modern Warfare 3, and you can’t connect to the game’s servers. That’s what’s happening with the Travis Rilea Error in MW3, and here’s how to solve the problem!

How to Fix Error Code Travis Rilea in Modern Warfare 3

The troublesome Travis Rilea Error in MW3, a bug that consistently ruined the gameplay experience in past titles, returns with a vengeance. The error disconnects you and stops you from connecting to the game’s multiplayer component. To fix the problem, restart your router/modem to reset the internet connection before relaunching the game.

If that common fix fails, try:

  • Restart Modern Warfare 3, including any background programs related to the game, through the Task Manager, and attempt to connect again.
  • If you’re using a wireless internet connection, if at all possible, swap to a wired internet connection for faster and more stable speeds.
  • A connection error in Modern Warfare 3 typically doesn’t last long, with the team working tirelessly in the background to resolve such troubles, so waiting it out is totally viable this time!

What Causes the Travis Rilea Error in MW3?

Like most connection errors in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, the Travis Rilea error stems from too many players attempting to connect simultaneously on the server’s side. However, if the root cause is on your side, it’s usually because of an unstable connection. For instance, if you’re experiencing a particularly severe storm, your connection may drop. When that happens, the Travis Rilea error may fire.

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