How to Unlock the Breacher Drone in MW3

Modern Warfare 3 PKM
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 features a broad selection of lethal equipment, including grenades and drones that can help you topple the enemy team from afar. One of the most exciting and valuable in recent memory is the Breacher Drone in MW3. It’s a controllable drone that allows you to deal explosive damage. Here’s how to unlock and use the Breacher Drone!

How to Unlock the Breacher Drone in Modern Warfare 3

To unlock the Breacher Drone in Modern Warfare 3, you must hit level 25 and finish three Armory Unlock Challenges.

Once you unlock the Breacher Done, customize your loadout in the Armory and add it as part of the Lethal Equipment slot. It will replace whatever grenade or mine you have in place, though.

How to Use the Breacher Drone in Modern Warfare 3

The Breacher Drone features a large explosion radius, making it ideally suited to kickstarting a match when the enemy team is likely grouped up in the early game. It’s also most helpful in specific game modes, like Hordepoint or Domination, where the enemy team may hunker down in close quarters.

Like any other piece of lethal equipment in the game, you’ll launch the Breacher Drone in MW3 using the corresponding equipment button. Once released, it flies forward and explodes with either direct impact or close enemy proximity. Either one works. Just be sure to aim at your target before launching, as the moment you hit the lethal equipment button, it shoots outward and straight ahead.

Thankfully, you can resupply the Breacher Drone at a Munitions Box like grenades or flashbangs.

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