What is Stacking in Warzone? – Answered

Warzone Breach
Image via Activision

The internet and its many favorite video game communities love to use jargon. So, when you hear someone accuse another of stacking in Warzone, you’ll know what they’re talking about. Here’s what stacking means!

What is Warzone Stacking?

When you hear the term “stacking” in Warzone, you may immediately picture a squad of soldiers stacking up outside of a door before they breach. It’s a common tactic in the real world and a game mechanic often appearing in Call of Duty campaigns.

But the term has a new meaning in the battle royale. In Warzone, stacking means essentially working as a team in a first-person shooter with teams. It’s become a bit of a slur in the community, as working with your team is apparently wrong.

You’ll most often hear the term stacking when someone loses a fight against multiple other players. They’re tryhards attempting to 1 v lobby the game.

Is Stacking in Warzone Bad?

In reality, no, stacking isn’t a bad thing in Warzone. It’s genuinely helpful and, by design, to work with your team in any competitive game. Don’t resort to dirty tactics and complaints if you want to win the round. Play with your squad and work in tandem to topple enemy players.

Don’t let someone screaming stacking ruin your experience!

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