Why Are Warzone Killstreaks Not Working? – Answered

Warzone Parachuting
Image via Activision

If you’re one of the many players whose Warzone killstreaks aren’t working anymore, there’s some hope. This is a widespread problem that many, both on consoles and PCs, are currently dealing with. We hope to help you fix the problem!

How to Fix Warzone Killstreaks Not Working

Currently, the only guaranteed fix for the Warzone killstreaks not working, as the problem stems from a recent game update, is to wait. The developer likely knows the situation and is actively working on a hotfix.

It appears the issue is plaguing those who play with a controller. Anyone with a mouse and keyboard doesn’t seem to have the same problem.

You may want to try restarting your game and/or system, but it’s most likely a problem the studio will need to fix on their end. It’s not a connection issue, so don’t worry about resetting your internet connection for now.

What Causes Warzone Killstreaks to Stop Working?

Your Warzone killstreaks are currently not working due to the most recent game update. It messed up something in the background, specifically with controller inputs.

Sometimes, however, it’s due to connection issues that prevent your input from being registered on the server side. As such, your killstreak won’t activate. It’s usually best to reset your connection at that point.

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