How to Get Better at Warzone

You’ll face many fantastic players on the battlefields of Warzone, and unfortunately, they often have more time to play than you. They’ll stomp on you, take your loot, and continue on to finish the game in the top ten, five, or even three. You can stand a chance, though. Here’s how to get better at Warzone!

How to Improve at Warzone in 2024

When you’re anxiously awaiting the drop alongside upwards of 150 other players, your nerves may get the better of you, and despite any plan you have, the chaotic rush to find your loadout and survive the initial minutes can feel overwhelming. While a plan helps, a few tips can go much further:

  • What are you good at in a first-person shooter? Do you excel at playing sneaky and taking long-range shots? Do you prefer close quarters? Play to your strengths, find a loadout that suits that playstyle, and then push into the zone while keeping your range capabilities in mind.
  • How often do you fire on an enemy player in Warzone? Is it every time you spot one? That’s usually a mistake, unfortunately. If you spot any enemy, you don’t have to shoot. In fact, I would recommend you hold your fire unless you can guarantee the takedown. You don’t want to hit them two or three times and then lose sight altogether. The enemy player won’t forget and is likely actively making moves to take you down now.
  • When you first jump in Warzone, consider your landing zone. You typically want to avoid highly populated areas, like Hospital, but small towns on the outskirts tend not to attract many players. You can scoop up a few Contracts, loot items, and gain footing before moving inward.
  • How’s your armor? If you’re missing a plate or two, take a moment to compose yourself and armor up. You want all three armor plates equipped and ready to take on any encounter in the near future. At the same time, loot all of the armor you can find. You can store five in your inventory or eight with a satchel.
  • This really needs to be said, but it’s okay to play Warzone solo. While it’s primarily a team-based game, you don’t have to group up. There is a solo mode, and it’s highly recommended to help you learn the game without the pressure of anyone watching your every movement. Plus, if you’re not the type to group up with random players, it shows. You’ll force every interaction, and it could cost the whole group the game.

The Best Loadout for Warzone Players

For a casual player, the best loadouts in Warzone typically revolve around fast-firing weapons, like assault rifles and submachine guns, allowing you to spray the battlefield and worry about everything else another time. The best weapons to focus on include:

  • HRM-9
  • Bruen Mk9
  • Holger 556
  • SVA 545
  • Ram-7

This selection includes close-range, long-range, and, yes, even mid-range weapons. If you’re lucky enough to find one, loot it quickly and start scanning your sectors. You don’t want to lose your newfound weapon!

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