What are Xdefiant’s Closed Beta Start and End Dates?

Wondering when you can play Xdefiant’s Closed Beta? Ubisoft are currently ramping up promotion for the upcoming free-to-play shooter. The game will be something of a mash-up of the studio’s major franchises and feature factions from Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs, and Splinter Cell. Xdefiant marks Ubisofts first steps into the world of arena shooters and it’s carrying a significant amount of hype behind it. Thankfully players don’t have to wait much longer to try out the game firsthand.

Xdefiant Closed Beta Dates

Xdefiants Closed Beta will kick off on April 13th at 10 AM PT and conclude on April 23rd at 11 PM PT. That means that players will have ten full days to dive into Xdefiant and there’s plenty on offer.

An Alpha build of the game’s competitive ranked mode will be available to try out as well as exclusive rewards that come with signing up for the Beta. The reward track includes various weapon and character skins inspired by the factions which can be carried over to all phases of the game. Exclusive Twitch rewards are also up for grabs through watching partnered and categories streams during the Closed Beta period.

A progression system will be put in place for Xdefiant’s Beta but will not be carried over to future phases. Players will encounter various factions and battle across a range of environments in unranked playlists. Game modes available include escort missions and zone controls.

The Closed Beta period will kick off with a special Xdefiant live stream which will offer a deep dive into the game and a showcase match featuring some of the best players in the competitive shooter genre. You can sign up for the Beta at PlayXdefiant.com.

Are you looking forward to trying out Xdefiant?

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