Twitch Touts New Sponsorship System that Stresses Out Streamers

twitch sponsorship system

It’s no big secret that Twitch has found itself struggling as a positive platform in recent months – and perhaps years. It has seen far too many changes that have disrupted the community and, as a company, Twitch has put its foot in its mouth one time too many. Now, on Twitter, Twitch Support started talking about a new sponsorship system that’s in testing, and streamers instantly became disgruntled.

There wasn’t much revealed, to be honest. It was just stated that such a system was under development, but of course, the first thing on everyone’s minds was, “How will Twitch make money off me as a streamer through this new system?”

We Know Nothing Twitch’s Sponsorship System

But we already hate it.

There were various things highlighted in Twitch Support’s latest update on Twitter, such as ‘Sub Codes’, ‘Sponsored Gift Subs’, and ‘Sponsored Sub Discounts’, all of which are geared towards seemingly taking better control of how sponsors interact with streamers on the Twitch platform.

At the moment, it’s mostly a freewheeling thing, and streamers can link up with sponsors off-platform and promote their products as and when needed. Of course, it means that Twitch can’t claim a cut of that sponsorship income, which likely doesn’t sit pretty with the tight-fisted tech titan.

Recently, countless streamers have taken part in an exodus that has seen them leave Twitch in favour of YouTube – and more recently, for Kick. Unfortunately for Twitch, some of the biggest names in the business have abandoned the platform, vowing never to return.

Now, amidst mass layoffs, revenue percentage scandals, and high-level leadership departures, it seems that the bad decisions are still coming thick and fast from within the corridors of Twitch HQ.

However, it’s worth stressing that, at present, nothing is really known about Twitch’s plans for a new sponsorship system, aside from what was mentioned in the post above. We shouldn’t have long to wait, though, as of course, Twitch Support said ‘this month’…

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