No Man’s Sky Update Brings Procedurally-Generated Ships

no mans sky update

Hello Games has released a mid-major No Man’s Sky update – Interceptor – that brings a range of new technology and concepts into the game. It’s not an enormous update, but it’s sizeable, and since Hello Games worked to recover No Man’s Sky from its ill-fated release, it has been constantly adding in more top-tier content than players can realistically even handle!

In this update – which is 4.2, if you’re interested in versioning – the core focus is on the new ships – Interceptors – which are procedurally generated. For years, No Man’s Sky has been known as one of the most mind-boggling games, boasting procedural generation on a universe-sized scale, but now, that technology has been applied to new, fantastical spacecraft.

Intercept the Interceptors

At the heart of the latest No Man’s Sky update sits the ‘Sentinel Interceptor’ starships, which are said to have hundreds of potential combinations. In the breakdown of the update, published on the website, it was revealed that these ships will dramatically differ from one to the next, and being highly advanced, they boast potent technology and upgrades.

Of course, that’s not all that’s coming in the No Man’s Sky update, and budding explorers will need to use those brand-new Interceptors to brave new lands.

With the 4.2 update, players can access Corrupted planets, tussle with – you guessed it – Corrupted enemies and harvest – yep – the corruption itself. It’s a little more in-depth than that, but that’s the gist of it. It’s still impressive how much content Hello Games keeps coming up with for each fresh update, though.

Along with the procedurally-generated ships and new corrupt planets, there’s plenty more coming with the Interceptor update. There are all-new world events, upgraded enemies of all kinds, brand-new weapons and skins, fresh locations to explore, slick missions to complete, and as you might expect, a range of bug fixes and tweaks.

And, like always, it’s totally free to consume. That’s not bad, right? Oh, and there’s also a super awesome jetpack to help you rocket around these scary, Corrupted planets. Have fun!

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