New MWII And Warzone 2 Season 03 Trailer Drops, Roadmap Leaks

season 03 update

Minutes ago, the Call of Duty Twitter page graced the airwaves with an all-new trailer showcasing the insane amount of content coming in the Season 03 update, which is due to drop on the 12th of April. It let slip a few key details about the update, which have been corroborated somewhat by a leaked roadmap that is also doing the rounds.

There’s a staggering amount of content coming in Season 03 – but how much of it will Call of Duty fans come to complain about? From a stack of new multiplayer maps (some of which are inspired by 2009’s Modern Warfare 2) to new weapons, mods, bundles, and operators, there’s a hearty helping of fresh content dropping with Season 03.

Is this the best update these games have seen in a long time?

Season 03 Will Be Massive

Here’s the trailer that showcases what’s coming in Season 03 (on the multiplayer side, at least):

Firstly, it’s important to stress that a stack of multiplayer maps is dropping in Season 03, including recreations of both the Afghan and Estate maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2. There’s also a range of larger maps (for Ground War-sized battles), and smaller maps (for Gunfight-sized battles) dropping throughout the season.

There are new cooperative missions dropping in Season 03, along with an expansion to the string of Raids that have been released over the last couple of months. Also, Infected makes a return to the game after a long hiatus.

There’s a massive update coming for DMZ, which is Activision’s stab at an extraction shooter, and Warzone 2 is set to pick up an all-new Gulag, equipment, and missions. Not only that, but Warzone 2 is also going to be upgraded to feature a long, long-awaited Ranked mode.

And it doesn’t stop there.

This season, two new operators arrive in the form of Alejandro and Valeria, two key characters from the main story of Modern Warfare II that fans have been calling out for since the game dropped back in October. There are also brand new skins arriving for TF 141, offering up some fresh drip for the likes of Soap and Ghost.

And finally (we think)…

There are, of course, the new weapons – the Intervention, now named the Imperium, an attractive bullpup-style AR called the Cronen Squall, and a ‘new pistol’ which, going by the imagery, is a TEC-9.

Is that enough for you, Call of Duty fans?

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