Ubisoft Toronto Joins Ubisoft Montreal to Develop The Far Cry Series

New job listings posted by Ubisoft Montreal have revealed that the studio is now helping to co-develop the Far Cry series.

In January 2023, Insider Gaming exclusively reported that Ubisoft is working on two new Far Cry projects. Project Blackbird is the next mainline Far Cry title, whereas Project Maverick is a new extraction-based multiplayer experience. Both projects were previously known as one – Project Talisker, but became their own projects in the past couple of years. It’s currently unclear which of the two projects Ubisoft Toronto will be co-developing.

Yesterday, the Ubisoft Toronto team gathered for a “special classified update” on their projects, including a preview of both Splinter Cell and Far Cry. In 2021, I exclusively reported via VGC that Ubisoft greenlit a new Splinter Cell game.

It’s unclear when both of these projects will release, but Insider Gaming understands that Ubisoft has a tough 18 months before some of its major blockbusters are pushed out of the door. It’s understood that the Far Cry titles, Project Over (mainline Ghost Recon game), and Codename Invictus (Assassin’s Creed MP) all have tentative 2025 releases. Given Ubisoft’s recent inconsistency with missing such internal and public deadlines though, they could be further out.

Ubisoft reports that through 2014, lifetime sales of the Far Cry franchise have exceeded 20 million units. By September 2019, the series had accumulated a combined 50 million units in sales.

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