Warzone Mobile Players Are Being Warned Ahead of the Game’s Launch

warzone mobile

Activision is already tightening things up before the launch of Warzone Mobile, issuing a warning in an official Discord server to players who plan to use third-party tools to alter the game. The long-awaited mobile game will be released globally on March 21. With almost 100 million pre-registrations, there are expectations that the game will positively explode when it goes public, taking players back to Verdansk for the first time since 2021.

Don’t Break The Rules

Call of Duty has a huge problem with cheaters, that much is for certain. However, Activision’s latest warnings concern users trying to boost their experience in the upcoming Warzone Mobile title. In the highly anticipated mobile title, there will be no FOV sliders, and every player will have the same degree of visibility regardless of their device.

Recently, a representative of Activision popped up in a Discord server to mention that modifying FOV files (which isn’t all that hard a thing to do) will leave players open to a ban or other enforcement measures. If players are found to be modifying any game files to get ‘any kind of advantage’ over the other players, they’ll face punitive action.

The message was shared on Twitter by Yanrique, one of the world’s most popular Call of Duty Mobile players.

By restricting Warzone Mobile’s FOV, Activision hopes to ensure a more level playing field, but with such a diverse range of devices and ways of playing at hand, it’s already fairly unbalanced from the outset.

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  1. Thank you for the info I feel better about playing the game now as I have had to resort to my tablet to play with my Xbox s1 controller because my 2000 dollar Xbox s1 was Stollen with all my games and extras I spent yrs on getting I got then thru the Microsoft store so they are regester2d and anyone trying to get it to work will get Microsoft notified so I can get the cops involved at that time but it has not been back on line yet in the 2 yrs since its ubduction from my home so I don’t now but if Microsoft is looking for it then I, ite get it back some day I was one of the testers that tested all these maps back in the day thank-you Microsoft for that opportunity and you for letting me now cheaters will pay a price for their giggles

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