Stellar Blade’s Post-Launch Content Drops Will Include More Outfits

stellar blade

If you were worried that thirty outfits for Stellar Blade’s protagonist wouldn’t be enough, the game’s developer has something to say to put your mind at ease. It was recently revealed in an interview with Stellar Blade’s director, Hyung-Tae Kim, that the game will get ‘additional outfits’ post-launch, bolstering the already expansive wardrobe available for the game’s main character, Eve.

Fashion Parade

It was revealed a while ago that Stellar Blade will focus on character aesthetics, with the player having the option to kit out Eve – the game’s lead – with various outfits and accessories. This is the character whose body is a replication of a South Korean model – and what model isn’t capable of flaunting a wide variety of outfits?

In the interview with Game Informer, Hyung-Tae Kim stressed that additional outfits will be made available once the game has been released. There was no mention of post-launch content to expand the game, which is being released in April, but fashionistas the world over will be happy to know there are plenty of garments headed to the post-apocalyptic title.

It was also confirmed that these outfits won’t alter Eve’s statistics in any way. The developer – Shift Up – wants players to ‘choose the outfits based on personal preference rather than statistical significance.’

Stellar Blade is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 on April 26.

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