For Honor Hits 35 Million Players as Year 8 Approaches

for honor

In a recent video showcasing the ‘Year 8 Vision’ of For Honor, Ubisoft revealed that the multiplayer title has amassed 35 million players since debuting in September 2016. In the breakdown for Year 8’s roadmap, Ubisoft uncovered a substantial array of changes, new features, and fresh elements coming to the still-popular sword-based title.

Lots of Changes

For Honor has a similar operating model to Rainbow Six Siege – it’s updated regularly by Ubisoft, keeping the game alive and pumped full of content that ensures a solid enough retention of players. In the trailer for Year 8 (which you can see below), Ubisoft revealed a sizeable amount of content coming to For Honor through 2024, including:

  • Converted Maps: More variety in Dominion map selection – ‘Converted Maps’ are regular maps that are amended and adapted
  • New Heroes: There’s a new Samurai and an Outlander ‘Villain’ coming to For Honor this year
  • Hero Skins: Each Season will get a new Hero Skin focus, starting with the Knights, then the Samurai, then the Vikings, and finally, the Wu Lin

Year 8 will see a huge effort to maintain the ‘overall health’ of For Honor, with Ubisoft leaning into community feedback to keep the game moving forward. It all kicks off on March 14 with Season 1, which will bring a fresh Battle Pass and an all-new Legacy Pass feature, which allows users to unlock past content.

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