Activision Hints at New (or Returning) Warzone Map

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It was recently revealed on Twitter by Charlie Intel that Activision is sending around a survey that prompts users to essentially vote (or rank) on options for the next Warzone map. There are five options on the survey, and it requests that users select their top three, ranked most to least favourite.

There’s no real indication that this will be a system used to determine the future of the Warzone map (or maps), but it’s a strange move to suggest that Activision could already be looking into the future of the next ‘big Warzone map’ less than three months after Warzone 2 introduced Al-Mazrah.

What Warzone Map Was Your Favourite?

In the survey (again, revealed by Charlie Intel), the question is asked: ‘Which of the following would you prefer for the next Warzone big map?’ Then, the available options are as follows:

  • An all-new map
  • Return of the Verdansk ’84 map (2021)
  • Return of the Caldera map (2021)
  • Return of the original Verdansk map (2020)
  • Return of the Blackout map (Black Ops 4, 2019)

It seems that Activision (and by association, Infinity Ward) is rallying to shore up damages made far and wide across the Call of Duty ecosystem. Recently, it was revealed that stacks of changes and amendments are coming to the DMZ platform when Season Two drops in February. That news came just days after it was revealed that Warzone 2 quite literally haemorrhaged players.

There’s almost no chance that Al-Mazrah will be dropped this soon, but the survey offers a key insight into the collective working mind of Activision. Perhaps there’s a potential for a revisit to an old map or a reconstruction or something similar could take place. It’s all a ‘pinch of salt’ discussion at the moment, as the question itself at face value means very little and could ultimately be quite arbitrary.

We’re guessing, based on sheer nostalgic value, the original Verdansk map, which dropped in March 2020, would win the vote. If that map was brought back (outside of COD Warzone Mobile), it would likely break the internet for a few days.

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  1. Hey activision we like the verdansk map way cant you put verdanks in warzone 2 it wild by fan

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