DMZ Changes Coming To Warzone 2 in Season Two


DMZ was something of an experiment for Infinity Ward, emerging with the launch of Warzone 2 as an extraction shooter that some thought may ultimately rival Escape From Tarkov. Looking back, that claim seems laughable at best, but it was a toe-in-the-water for Activision (and Infinity Ward), and it offered fans of the battle royale platform something a little different.

However, there were many issues present in the mode when it dropped – as there were with the entire platform in general, of course. For the first time since the game launched, Infinity Ward is overhauling DMZ, making various impactful changes, additions, and amendments that’ll drop when the Season Two update arrives on February 15th.

What’s Included in the DMZ Changes?

Firstly, enemies are being tuned more appropriately in DMZ. This’ll include spawn rates and locations, intelligence, accuracy at range, and much more. If there was one core issue with DMZ, it was that even the most mundane, back-to-basics AI character was an absolute God on the sticks.

And, on the subject of spawn rates, Infinity Ward is also taking a look at player spawn points in Al Mazrah, making sure that players don’t spawn in awkward locations either too close to other teams or in a spot that’s totally devoid of loot.

There’s a focus in the DMZ changes to bring about an easier experience for players, and to that end, mission difficulty and quest content will also be reworked, making it a less punishing experience overall for quite literally every player giving the DMZ mode a try.

Finally, there’s a content expansion and refresh plan coming to the platform, with Infinity Ward highlighting that new missions will arrive with Season Two as well as a refresh of all progress of faction missions that’ll essentially allow a player to complete them all over again. Not only that but there’s going to be a new Exclusion Zone entering the fray, similar to Building 21, the short-lived location that dropped in December 2022.

So, there’s quite a bit happening with the DMZ changes, and everything that we’ve just mentioned will be in addition to the regular bug fixes, tweaks, balances, and adjustments. We’ll see more updates revealed as the Season Two drop date approaches, we imagine.

February 15th – bookmark it!

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