Tango Gameworks Reveals Hi-Fi Rush – And It Launches TODAY


Recently, rumours began circulating about Tango Gameworks’ next title – and those rumours suggested that it would be revealed at the Developer_Direct showcase. It turns out that those rumours were, quite pleasingly, true, and TG stepped up to reveal in full its upcoming title: Hi-Fi Rush.

Tango Gameworks, of Evil Within and Ghostwire Tokyo fame, has been hiding Hi-Fi Rush behind a mysterious project title for some time now: Project Hibiki. It has surfaced a few times in the past but has amounted to nothing, and finally, it has been uncovered.

And it’s not what you’re expecting.

Hi-Fi Rush Has Officially Been Revealed

Hi-Fi Rush boasts a gorgeous world.

Hi-Fi Rush looks fantastic – it’s a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, punchy title with a charming art style that looks incredible in the short trailer that was dropped during the show. In Hi-Fi Rush, players assume control of a character powered by music, living in what looks like a futuristic, tech-driven world.

It’s a far cry from the terrifying, horror-fuelled titles that Tango Gameworks is used to showing. It’s an aesthetically-pleasing title that boasts Sunset Overdrive vibes – which is certainly not a bad thing. It’s a rhythm fighter, and combat is made more exciting and satisfying by quite literally fighting to the beat.

As players battle their opponents – creations of an evil corporation – the beat pulses harder, the colours get brighter, and the world quite literally bounces and vibes around them. It promises to boast a killer soundtrack and next-generation graphics that should keep a visually-demanding player engaged for hours on end.

Oh, and the main character – Chai – has a metal arm, a lá Winter Soldier, and a guitar melee weapon that can be upgraded and made more potent as the game goes on. It’s not what we’re used to from Tango, but it works!

And it gets better – Hi-Fi Rush launches today, following the Developer_Direct showcase! It’s available on Game Pass, of course. Enjoy!

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