EA Adds its Loot Box System Into The Latest Skate BETA

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Playtesters, who have been playing the latest playtest of Skate have shared information with Insider Gaming on the controversial loot box system that leaked via datamines in the summer of 2022. Originally called “Swag Bags”, the loot box feature was met with harsh criticism from fans – but as far as we can tell, they might not be as bad as first feared.

First, it should be said and understood that Skate will be a free-to-play title and as such, ways for the publisher to make revenue back from development will be implemented. Now that’s out of the way, here’s what Skate’s current loot box system looks like.

How to Unlock Loot Boxes in Skate.

Currently, the only way to unlock loot boxes in Skate is by using a currency called ‘Stars’, which are unlocked by completing challenges – the harder the challenge, the more Stars you’ll obtain.

Previous datamines have suggested that you’ll also be able to use another in-game currency called ‘Taps’ to exchange for Stars if needed, but such an option isn’t available in this current round of playtesting. Taps are earned through tricks, general play, and increasing your reputation level (the game’s leveling system). The consensus among playtesters is that Taps or another form of currency will eventually be made purchasable with real-world money.

Loot Boxes are currently priced between 2 and 3 Stars, with 3 Star Loot Boxes having the more desired items in them. Items range from skateboard stickers and clothing to house furniture.

Each Loot Box contains five individual items – all of which you can see before purchasing. However, you’ll only receive one of these five items when unlocking a Loot Box. There’s currently no percentage given on the odds of which item you could receive and you can unlock duplicated items. Duplicated Items will reward the player with “Hype” instead, which is another form of currency similar to Apex Legends’ crafting metals. But at this moment in time, there’s no loot box with the 1000 items available like you’d see in the likes of Apex Legends.

There are currently 16 Loot Boxes in Skate with five items in each box (80 items total). Presumably, though, more boxes and variations will be added during special events etc.

At the moment, I’d happily argue that this is a decently “fair” system as far as Loot Box mechanics go, but adding the percentage odds for each item (unless it’s genuinely a one-in-five chance) would be a great addition. As for duplicates, those should go if a constant stream of new boxes and loot can be released with new events etc.

As for if any of this will change or not by launch is anyone’s guess – but let’s hope constant coverage of the system will give EA the feedback it needs before the game is released.

What do you think of the Skate Loot Box system?

Update – Following our report, EA has reassured fans that Skate will have “no paid loot boxes” – Likely suggesting the game will turn to a seasonal pass system / direct purchases for monetisation.

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  1. Sounds like Overwatch 1s system.
    This is fairly inoffensive and doesn’t change my opinion that a game like Skate could actually be a Live Service game that can benefit from steady streams of content, rather than be a detriment.

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