Redfall Map, Content, and Launch Date Revealed by Arkane

In a fresh gameplay exploration trailer from Arkane Austin, Redfall was blown wide open, with players getting a glimpse at the map, environments, enemy types, and some of the mission content from the game.

It looks fantastic, with the world of Redfall, Massachusetts boasting countless points of interest that are simply bursting at the seams with opportunities to dig up secrets, stories, and quests. In a short-ish video, Arkane explained how core gameplay elements work, from the combat and discovery aspects to the stealth and side missions.

Redfall Is Shaping Up To Be Special

Arkane Austin has promised a truly open-ended game in Redfall, offering players the ability to explore freely and tackle missions from whatever perspective and using whatever style they so desire. There’s a hero character to suit every approach, and both human and vampire enemies litter the map, making for a constantly threatening fight for survival.

There were glimpses at the broad map – which looks massive. There are cave complexes and theatres, apartment blocks and beaches, swamps and shopping malls. It seems to have been created quite thoughtfully, and the early environments we’re seeing look genuinely innovative and interesting.

Redfall is the biggest and most inventive game we’ve ever made.

Arkane Austin

This could be a very refreshing game, giving players the option to tackle the title either together with friends or as a solo venture. It looks as though the combat will be energetic and multi-faceted, with various enemy types making fights a complex affair.

Redfall’s Launch Date Has Been Revealed

Safe houses make for a haven away from the terror that awaits players in Redfall

If there’s one aspect that is a little less original, it’s the fact that players can liberate Redfall neighbourhood by neighbourhood, solving side quests and fighting to defeat an area boss, subsequently unlocking exclusive items and boosts in that location.

It’s not all bad, though. It looks like Redfall has enough weaponry, customisation options, levelling paths, and character variations to make that typical trope fade away into darkness.

Fortunately, you won’t have to wait long to explore the game, as Redfall has been given a launch date of May 2nd. Let the vampire slaying begin!