Warzone 2 Lost More Players Than Expected, It’s Claimed

Warzone 2 players

Things haven’t been going great for Warzone 2 players since it’s November launch. From claims of cheating to crashing to other bugs, players don’t appear to be happy, and it’s caused a significant amount to simply stop playing.

Twitter user CharlieINTEL, who’s been known to be reliable when it comes to Call of Duty in the past, posted that the Warzone 2 player base dropped far more than expected.

“We’ve heard from multiple people that Warzone 2’s player count dropped over the break at a higher rate than expected,” the post says. “Unclear what it all means for what will change at this point. Hope we get some good updates soon!”

YouTuber JGOD then followed the report up with a chart that appears to show just how big the drop has been since November’s launch. After a peak of 452,093 players on Steam in mid-November, it has fallen all the way to 121,913 as of January 11, 2023. That’s a drop of just over 73% from its launch numbers. Looking at the last month alone, you’ll see that nearly 50% of that last came since December 7.

It should be noted that these are only steam numbers. Console numbers aren’t available to track as easy, meaning the information can be different.

With numbers continuing to fall and games like Fortnite pushing out more and more content for its player base, one has to wonder what Activision will do to curb the drop-off. Will Warzone 2 players get more content? Improved servers and general gameplay updates? No matter what, it’s clear something has to be done soon to avoid Warzone 2 becoming a virtual ghosttown online.

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  1. In english….that game is grate….but for me latency is 80 for others is 3o or 20…not fair…i cant even use a sniper riffle because of laag…i use to play but first encounter with enemy i am dead…very hard to make a kill from behind enemy…..such a shame

  2. People don’t want to play because of damage inconsistencies when in a gun fight and the ridiculously quick ttk means players can’t counter attacks. Where is the fun in that?

  3. True im a pc player but the first month of owning it couldnt even load up the game to play the campaign. I still deal with multiple crashes everyday on pc. The stability of the game is bad so why would people play a game that crashes, glitches, you cant even enjoy the game

  4. More content? General gameplay updates? WE DONT CARE ABOUT NONE OF THAT. WE NEED ACTIVISION TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE CHEATERS AND SERVERS. I have been watching killcams and spectating and seeing people tracking me and other players through walls, floors, cliffs etc. People pulling up in the exact building where i’m at, pretending to pop uavs while i’m ghosted and moving around (so i’m not spotted on the uav) yet still the bust through the doors and turn to my exact location and start blasting me. We don’t need activision to troll cheaters. KEEP THEM OUT THE GAME PERMANENTLY. DON’T ALLOW THEM TO JOIN ANY LOBBY. WE DONT WANT TROLLED CHEATERS JUST BECAUSE ACTIVISION THINKS IT WILL BE FUNNY. GET THEM TF OUT THE GAME.

  5. And another thing. Put people in lobbies with matching latency. I live in the caribbean where my lowest latency is 70-80. Yet still we get put in lobbies with dudes in other countries with 15-20 latency. WHYYYYYYY? And LET XBOX BE ABLE TO TURN OFF CROSSPLAY. Why are xbox users CONSTANTLY being forced to play with pc players? WE DONT WANNA PLAY WITH THEM BECAUSE THATS WHERE THE CHEATERS ARE. Both pc and playstation can turn off crossplay but xbox is forced to crossplay. Its DUMB AF and irritating. WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT NEW CONTENT, PACKS IN THE STORE OR ADDITIONS TO THE GAME if the game keeps crashing, lagging with 5fps and RIDDLED with cheaters especially the ones who think they slick, trying to hide their cheats by only using wallhacks and pretending to use uavs, yet still INSTANTLY beaming you the second you peek out.

  6. What is going on people I can’t believe a game that’s supposed to be the greatest of all time it’s not even living up to its name and its legend I play and recently I can’t even get into a game it takes me several times to log on before I could even play one game and even if I get in I’m kicked right off all over again I have to start over over and over come on people get this thing going or you’re not going to have a good platform anymore

  7. I quit Waronze 2 two weeks after the relase of the game… the game chagned so mucch, from movemnt to things you can carry, i started playing COD in 2007 and this game is not call of duty any more… from having a new backpack, new store… everything.. is so bad..

    well I don’t think I’m going back until they change this new settings…

  8. I played maybe 2 weeks on WZ2. My simple review is simply that the game SUCKS. Yep, boring as fuck. They Just changed tom much of the movement style, looting, the feel of it. Activision truly did wrong on this game.

    The best has always been, and will always be, Verdansk.

  9. Can’t play it since lunch date becuase it always lost connection to host everytime i report it to activition and no response whatsoever i’m in PC using steam btw

  10. no one wants to play a game down after losing 2 teammates pre drop to final 10 then use a drone and get glitched out and just cop a load to the face, how bout you fix the game or is this warzone really a mental attack on the world

  11. i guess its because this game is bullshit.. TTK is way to low, weaponnames are strange, looting is a mess,
    and even then when everything bad is fixxed, there is still this competition, i’m maybe to old for this, but on a workingday, i just want to sit down and shoot some guy’s and not that i’m the one who’s getting hunted like a dumb chicken, sweating arround to get like 2-3 kills and finally got killed by a camper who was like 20min in the same room and watching the door.

    And of course, every 3th game i have to leave because of latency.
    it’s a shame what they made out of COD the last years.

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